Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Football Players Wearing Earrings During Play

I still have a hole in my left ear from when I got my ear pierced during Beach Week at the age of 17. I was told back then to make sure I pierced the left ear and not the right because if I pierced the right it mean I was Gay.

I pray that nobody ever notices it but every now and then I will hear "hey man is your ear pierced?" and I always reply with a "um no, well yes, it was". The funny thing is, I can still get an earring in it! Every now and then I will take whoever I am dating at the time's earring and put it into see if they notice. When they do, I usually get the reply of "you're so goofy!"

Today I would never wear just one earring or two. I just don't look good with them. Some guys do. But for the most part they they don't but think they do!

Barry Bonds is a great example. His earring looks extremely goofy. It's as if he stepped into The Mr. T Time Machine came back and only got to keep one piece of Jewelry. I am sure you can come up with some others as well!

When I was younger I don't remember any of my favorite athletes wearing earrings. Necklaces have always been around. Many players wear them. As for earrings I am wondering if Andre Agassi started the trend. It went well with his long hair. Or was it Jordan? Yet he never wore his during play.
My question is why do The Football Players of Today wear earrings during play? Is it to say "Look at me I have money?" Is it to say "Look at me I am cool?"

I love it when my favorite player scores a touchdown or makes a big play. I just don't love it when he takes his helmet off to show his big 'ol diamond earrings.

It takes away from The Love of The Play a little bit. I am thinking to myself "That was a great play but why the earrings dude? You look ridiculous. Are you trying to impress me ? Are you trying to let us know that you are a Real Player?"

The NFL is very strict on it's players and worries about it reputation. If you can't celebrate in the end zone after a touchdown, you would think that there would be a rule where No Earrings are aloud.

In this case Actions Speak Louder Than Looks. Your play on the field should not be taken away by the bling. Maybe I am being too strict or maybe I should just change who my Favorite Player is.

R. Frazier Hughes. Jr.

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